As the brain of the firm, managers are those people who administrate and coordinate resources effectively and efficiently in an effort to achieve the goals of the organization. Other factors that contribute on how manager serves as the brain of the firm are managerial functions and their different roles. Manager’s first function is to become a planner as the setter of goal the way on how to achieve that goal. Second, manager being an organizer that involves on what, who will do and how the task will be done. The third is to become a leader, on referring to the leadership handout a manager is a leader but a leader is not manager. It is primarily because being a leader you only utilizes one resources the manpower having leadership over you’re employees unlike a manager that utilizes all resources. The fourth is being a controller. As a controller you take actions in accordance to your goal like measuring and identifying deviations between planned and actual result.


On what IBM’s history happened we can see that a manager serves as the brain of the firm. The IBM once a popular and known company was almost gone they have been hit from above and below when their product was less innovated than the product of the Amdhal and Hitachi company but in the dark times of the IBM their manager have made a move and the turnaround begins. IBM first step was how they segmented the target users. Technological innovation required that IBM first become innovative in how it established its market strategy, the grouping of customers, customer research, and the prioritization of user needs. They developed rich layers of detail within each vertical market pertaining to how different users in different industries could apply new server technology to solve business problems.


Managers uses different strategies for the firm or business to be different or to out-stand to the other firm that is called three generic strategies. The  first generic strategy is the cost leadership, its purpose is to lessened the price to become the cheapest of its own kind of the product and other company even killing their profit for a period of time just for the business to stay alive. The second generic strategy is differentiation, its purpose is to make their product unique that no other firm produces the same product. The third generic strategy is focus, it is the generic strategy that the managers of the IBM used. The generic strategy focus pertains to the market where they will sell the product that is proportionate or appropriate to the people who will buy and product.


Brain is the organ that controls every movement that our body do, there are four functions of the firm that every department has a manager and comparing it as a brain it controls the movement of the firm. In marketing department where contribute direct effect on profitability and sales. Sales forecast that is made in the marketing department is important part of the budgets produced by the finance department, as well as the deployment of labor for the human resource department. The Finance department’s purpose is to create wealth for the business, generate cash and provide an adequate return on investment bearing in mind the risks that the business is taking and the resources invested. The production and operation department focuses on the transformation of production and operational inputs into outputs that, when distributed, meet the needs of the customers. The human resource department purpose to link human resource strategies to the business goals and objectives, to find ways for human resource to add value to the firm. All of this functions of firm are the movements inside the firm and all those department has manager each that controls  every deparment.


I conclude that a manager is the brain of the firm initially because of its functions and roles. Their functions largely contribute on how the business will operate. The roles of managers also contribute a lot on how the business will operate and succeed using the interpersonal and the intrapersonal roles. As we can see on what happened on the IBM they are almost done until the managers of said firm starts a move that leads to a turn around of their business life. The IBM uses the third generic strategy that is the reason for the said turnaround of the IBM. The three generic strategies are the strategies that the manager uses for them to outstand other firm in terms of the cost of the product, the uniqueness of their product or the use of their product and market or people on where they will focus their product


Topic: Motivating people through camaraderie and fun is what manager should do.

Based on my own perspective, I believe that camaraderie and fun nowadays is the most appropriate and effective motivator for the people. Different people have their own motivators among the six motivators that will help them to do better in their specific job. Also these motivators become their inspiration to excel in their performance on their own way. Camaraderie and fun serves as a reward for most of the employees. Camaraderie is like a friendship or relationship that you build among the people around you in your work place. However, fun is doing something that you enjoy. Managers should do something like this to get things done through people and it is somehow related to camaraderie. Also managers must do something so that his people enjoy or having fun with their work.

 Camaraderie and fun is one of the most effective motivations that managers should consider. I said so, because in a work place that you have a good environment or relationship with your subordinates, boss and co-workers you can be motivated. It is nice to work in a place that there are people around you who trust and believe on your capabilities and skills as an employee. In line with this, it will boost your self confidence that will be helpful when working. Building a harmonious relationship with others will keep you motivated because with their help you can achieved your goals and priorities together. Furthermore, another motivator is also by having fun, because having fun is same as enjoying. This is the most important thing for me because you should not only work harder and harder you must also know how to enjoy while working so that you get motivated and have passion in everything you do.

 According to the Journal of Career Planning and Employment, there are six motivators. One of those is the camaraderie and fun, it was stated there that this level is state of team building means building relationship with your co-workers. You should build relatedness to others at your work, you should also engage in activities that promote socializing and knowing your workmates. As an employee the elements of laughter should always be present. You must know how to play and have fun that you promote in your work group. It also includes the level of enjoyment that your people derive from working with the others on your team and with your clients.

 According to the hand out What Managers Do, as a manager you are there to get things done through people. You are engaged in a purposeful activity involving others. Involving others is same thing as camaraderie because there’s a relationship built between you and others. Managers are concerned in gaining the workers sympathy. Managers should say what to do and then ensure that it gets done with the help of the members of your team. All this is done through the exercise of leadership. People are the most important resource available to you as a manager.

Camaraderie and fun is an essential and effective tool to get motivated. It is essential and effective in a way that because of camaraderie and fun it can affect your performance as a manager. Company that has solid companionship or organization will keep the workers inspired in finishing their designated tasks and it will serves as encouragement to get their things done perfectly or do things at their best and it will only happen by the help of the leader. Having fun or enjoying with what you are doing will drive you to finish your responsibilities and it lies also to the leader because they get things easy and exciting for his subordinates. People must have this kind of motivation so that everyone will get inspired and have persistent to finish things what they have started.

Nowadays there are many successful managers and companies using Theory Y one of the two theories or approaches Douglas McGregor formulate on how managers will view their employees. Theory Y as better view to employees than Theory X as the managers makes decision it is more comfortable for manager to decide as it seems that the employees are all agreeing or obedient like they don’t ask anything, they just follow without arguing and with respect etc. Theory X as the theory were it view’s the employees negatively have disadvantages in terms like the managers mustn’t have trust to its employees that leads to mismanagement and that makes the Theory Y better than Theory X.


Theory Y states that the employees in the point of view of the managers are persevering, hardworking, dedicated and self motivated. In relating this to the present time of ours we can say that this theory is dominant as we all know that poor people becomes more poorer so that most of the employees are viewed as theory Y because the manager knows that the employees must become hardworking and persevering to have a good salary for their needs. Theory Y is dominant and better nowadays as we can see because of our economy that is not that good. We can see that employees are motivated to their work because of the poverty.


As a manager that views their employees using the Theory Y it is advantageous because you don’t need to worry and you know that your employees are doing their job and it also leads to a good relationship between manger and employee that also leads to a good team. The managers creates good relationship between their employees because their employees know that they are not being pressured because the managers know that they doing their part. This are the commonly reason why Theory Y is dominant and better because it establishes good relationship between managers and employees that mangers wanted to have because in this cooperation of employees it will lead to the success of the business.


Theory Y is dominant and better because of the reason on the approaches of Theory X. It is the reason that in this theory most of the cases when this is used managers and employee doesn’t have good relationship with each other that will lead to the not fully utilized skills of the employee and manager. It doesn’t create good relationship between manager and employee because when the manager use this theory he view his subordinates as lazy, needed to be directed or threatened first before they will work and this the reason why they can’t develop a good relationship.


Using Theory Y will lead to good management by having good relationship between manager and employee. It shows how responsible employees are in their work for a job well done. It is better and dominant because of the said reasons and the relationship between manager and employee will lead to better management as the employee follow orders with passion and managers giving them credit for a job well done. It is dominant because in our economy employees are persevering and hardworking for their job not only in the point of view of the manager but it really how employee work nowadays.

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