Nowadays there are many successful managers and companies using Theory Y one of the two theories or approaches Douglas McGregor formulate on how managers will view their employees. Theory Y as better view to employees than Theory X as the managers makes decision it is more comfortable for manager to decide as it seems that the employees are all agreeing or obedient like they don’t ask anything, they just follow without arguing and with respect etc. Theory X as the theory were it view’s the employees negatively have disadvantages in terms like the managers mustn’t have trust to its employees that leads to mismanagement and that makes the Theory Y better than Theory X.


Theory Y states that the employees in the point of view of the managers are persevering, hardworking, dedicated and self motivated. In relating this to the present time of ours we can say that this theory is dominant as we all know that poor people becomes more poorer so that most of the employees are viewed as theory Y because the manager knows that the employees must become hardworking and persevering to have a good salary for their needs. Theory Y is dominant and better nowadays as we can see because of our economy that is not that good. We can see that employees are motivated to their work because of the poverty.


As a manager that views their employees using the Theory Y it is advantageous because you don’t need to worry and you know that your employees are doing their job and it also leads to a good relationship between manger and employee that also leads to a good team. The managers creates good relationship between their employees because their employees know that they are not being pressured because the managers know that they doing their part. This are the commonly reason why Theory Y is dominant and better because it establishes good relationship between managers and employees that mangers wanted to have because in this cooperation of employees it will lead to the success of the business.


Theory Y is dominant and better because of the reason on the approaches of Theory X. It is the reason that in this theory most of the cases when this is used managers and employee doesn’t have good relationship with each other that will lead to the not fully utilized skills of the employee and manager. It doesn’t create good relationship between manager and employee because when the manager use this theory he view his subordinates as lazy, needed to be directed or threatened first before they will work and this the reason why they can’t develop a good relationship.


Using Theory Y will lead to good management by having good relationship between manager and employee. It shows how responsible employees are in their work for a job well done. It is better and dominant because of the said reasons and the relationship between manager and employee will lead to better management as the employee follow orders with passion and managers giving them credit for a job well done. It is dominant because in our economy employees are persevering and hardworking for their job not only in the point of view of the manager but it really how employee work nowadays.