Topic: Motivating people through camaraderie and fun is what manager should do.

Based on my own perspective, I believe that camaraderie and fun nowadays is the most appropriate and effective motivator for the people. Different people have their own motivators among the six motivators that will help them to do better in their specific job. Also these motivators become their inspiration to excel in their performance on their own way. Camaraderie and fun serves as a reward for most of the employees. Camaraderie is like a friendship or relationship that you build among the people around you in your work place. However, fun is doing something that you enjoy. Managers should do something like this to get things done through people and it is somehow related to camaraderie. Also managers must do something so that his people enjoy or having fun with their work.

 Camaraderie and fun is one of the most effective motivations that managers should consider. I said so, because in a work place that you have a good environment or relationship with your subordinates, boss and co-workers you can be motivated. It is nice to work in a place that there are people around you who trust and believe on your capabilities and skills as an employee. In line with this, it will boost your self confidence that will be helpful when working. Building a harmonious relationship with others will keep you motivated because with their help you can achieved your goals and priorities together. Furthermore, another motivator is also by having fun, because having fun is same as enjoying. This is the most important thing for me because you should not only work harder and harder you must also know how to enjoy while working so that you get motivated and have passion in everything you do.

 According to the Journal of Career Planning and Employment, there are six motivators. One of those is the camaraderie and fun, it was stated there that this level is state of team building means building relationship with your co-workers. You should build relatedness to others at your work, you should also engage in activities that promote socializing and knowing your workmates. As an employee the elements of laughter should always be present. You must know how to play and have fun that you promote in your work group. It also includes the level of enjoyment that your people derive from working with the others on your team and with your clients.

 According to the hand out What Managers Do, as a manager you are there to get things done through people. You are engaged in a purposeful activity involving others. Involving others is same thing as camaraderie because there’s a relationship built between you and others. Managers are concerned in gaining the workers sympathy. Managers should say what to do and then ensure that it gets done with the help of the members of your team. All this is done through the exercise of leadership. People are the most important resource available to you as a manager.

Camaraderie and fun is an essential and effective tool to get motivated. It is essential and effective in a way that because of camaraderie and fun it can affect your performance as a manager. Company that has solid companionship or organization will keep the workers inspired in finishing their designated tasks and it will serves as encouragement to get their things done perfectly or do things at their best and it will only happen by the help of the leader. Having fun or enjoying with what you are doing will drive you to finish your responsibilities and it lies also to the leader because they get things easy and exciting for his subordinates. People must have this kind of motivation so that everyone will get inspired and have persistent to finish things what they have started.